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Year 7 IL Tasks



Week 1

Research the author David Almond. Create a poster of his life, other novels and his inspiration for writing Skellig. The most detailed and creative will be used for a display in the classroom and will be presented to the rest of the group

Week 2

Draw what you think a modern day angel might look like and label with details about its appearance and personality.


Week 3

Skellig appears like a sort of angel but his manner and appearance differ sharply from traditional ideas about angels. Create a table showing the differences between Skellig and a traditional angel.


Week 4

Mina gives a very good argument against going to school. Write a letter to your head

teacher arguing that you should be able to learn from home. Make sure you use at

least three strong reasons and back them up with evidence or facts.

Week 5

Look up the mythical story of Persephone. Either summarise it in bullet points or

create a storyboard of the key events.

How does this myth link to the story.

Week 6

In what ways could ‘Skellig’ be considered a book for people of all ages, not just for

children? Write around 300 words.

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