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Deadline: Friday 5th July 2013 Contact: Miss Hill and Miss Brown


On Your Marks:

Where in the world is Ghana? Find a map of Ghana and describe it’s location

On Your Marks Links:


Main Task:

Download the Ghana fact file and create a 6 slide PowerPoint presentation about Ghana.

Then create two further slides about the products Ghana exports to make money including the following information.

  • Name the products shown
  • What might each of these products be used for?
  • Is there a common link between the kids of exports that Ghana sell?
  • Are you surprised that Ghana exports any of the products shown?
  • Which of the products do you think Ghana makes most money from? Why?

Main Task Links:

Excel doc – KS3 Ghana export data

Word doc – Africa Ghana fact sheet

Push Yourself

Should Ghana have more mines? Follow the links to complete some research and explain your answer

Push Yourself Links: