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Retweetd From HAGR Performing Arts

Amazing performance from one of our year 11 drummers today. And it is not easy performing in front of your peers. Well done!


Amazing scientific breakthrough.


Masterclasses running brilliantly this week. Today: DT.


Cake sale today in the office raised lots of money (and calories) for MacMillan Cancer Support. Yum!


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Performing Arts assembly celebrating Inspired by musicians and actors including the legendary Ray Charles and


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Music bringing us together as always. Well done Harris in Harmony October conference. Smashed it!


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Well done guys!!! Awesome as always!!!


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Well done Harris for running another fantastic conference. Sir Dan Moynihan’s speech was incredibly inspirational.


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Our disadvantaged children do better than ALL other students on average nationally


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Every lesson shapes a life...


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Abbie really enjoyed working with as part of Shakespeare Schools Festival! What a lovely and dedicated group to work with, you should be proud !


100 year 11s mastering electrolysis during their science Masterclass.


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Great day yesterday with . The Tempest cast are energised and ready for the 16th Nov- bring it on!


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One of the best teacher recruitment adverts I have seen. Sums up beautifully without making it all "Hollywood" how brilliant and diverse being a teacher is.


Great buzz at school tonight. Parents, great to meet over 1400 of you and we wish you all the best for your school choices. Staff, you’re ace, always. Thanks.


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Performing Arts department buzzing tonight at open evening. Well done to our y11 music students who performed beautifully!


Looking forward to Open Evening tonight. Mr McMillan’s presentation at 6.30pm and again at 7.30pm.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Harris Academy Greenwich Homework Policy

Purpose of Homework:

Homework is an opportunity for students to reflect on the learning achieved in school lessons and practice their newly developed skills and knowledge. Homework therefore enables teachers to check that learning and gain accurate data on where the students in the class are at, so that they may adapt their planning in light of this information. Homework provides the opportunity for the memorisation and interleaving of both current and past learning to ensure skills and knowledge stick.

Homework expectations:

  1. Reading – 30 minutes per night
  2. Self-Quizzing in practice books (Flip and Fetch) – one page of A5 per subject minimum
  3. Technology apps in maths and science to supplement self-quizzing (Tassomai and XIL) *specified year groups only


Organisation of homework

  • Flip and Fetch homework will be set daily by class teachers from student Knowledge Organisers.
  • Flip and Fetch homework will be completed in student Practice Journals.
  • Each subject requires a minimum of one full page of work.
  • Learning Guides will check the homework quantity each week. Students must have their Practice Journals with them in their Learning Guidance session.
  • KS3 must complete 6 Flip and Fetch a week. KS4 must complete 10 Flip and Fetch each week as well as any extra homework from their GCSE subjects.
  • Classroom teachers will check the quality of homework in lessons each week.
  • Students will have a week to complete all of their Flip and Fetch homework.
  • Homework club is available every day after school.

Non-Completion of homework:

  • If a student fails to complete the correct amount of homework in a week or to the required standard then:
  • A record is made on BROMCOM for both KS3 and KS4 students
  • A centralised school detention of 30 minutes will be set