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Our students performing at Restore the Music Gala 2024 yesterday🎺🎤🎸 🎶


RTM Gala Dinner 2024… a night to remember! Re-live the highlights through DRIFTEND's lens 🎥


🚨VACANY ALERT 🚨 Harris Greenwich could be the place for you!!A community where our staffs are passionate about teaching and committed to having an impact on young people’s life.Click the link below to apply!😀



Booster session videos are ready for our students . Thanks to for the amazing resources!! 🙏🏼🌟🙏🏼 good luck to all students taking their gcse exams!!! 🙏🏼🌈🙏🏼Foundation link: link:


Kick started our first whole cohort GCSE exam today with Biology.It was great to see our students coming in nice and early for the warm-ups


Continuing with our case studies, we recently visited & heard about how using TrilbyTV on their is helping to showcase their students by sharing their work & achievements 🤩 Find out more 👇


I’m on Zero Negative Points - Donut Treats Please😁💥🍾


60 of our top mathematicians competed in the Junior UKMT Challenge. 49 Year 8s and 11 Year 7s represented the school. They all exhibited exemplary behaviour and effort and really did the school proud. We’re excited to see the results from all their hard work!” 🏅🏆


We’re only the experts in the classroom…teachers are lost😂


“We made it” - never a doubt 🍾🍾🏆


Solo walking, checkpoint 4 completed - Well Done guys 😀✅💥


A member of the student’s council committee leading our Year 8 assembly this morning TFL Pioneers😀. Such confidence displayed 👏👏


Tent Life for the next couple of days ⛺️⛺️💥


“DofE silver award students ready to start their practice expedition. Started the day with a 6k walk through the countryside of Surrey, making their way back to camp to set up tents and cook their evening meals’. ⛺️🪵


Stephen Lawrence Day, 30th Anniversary.We embrace unity and diversity😀😀


📣Excited to have filming as part of their new 🌎GLOBAL🌏platform launching later this year! We are the FIRST to be involved 🤩 - that’s how we do things 🔥. Thank you musicians for your brilliant performance.


Eid Mubarak to everyone who is celebrating across the country. We wish you and your loved ones an abundance of joy and peace, from everyone at HAGR!


Harris Greenwich Head teacher, Jack Docherty will be the keynote speaker. Come and join the Federation and make a difference😀Click the link below to book your ticket - Free!


Happy Easter everyone, do have a lovely half term break!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office


















We have a strict uniform policy and a zero tolerance approach at the Academy which aims to give students a sense of pride and to aid the outstanding behaviour and reputation we already have.  Parents should note the following:

  • Please note that as well as adhering to our core uniform list (A4 minimum size bag, equipment, blazer, white shirt, navy V-neck jumper, tie, black trousers/pleated skirt, proper black school shoes, black ankle socks, no trainers, no makeup), students are not permitted to wear any jewellery apart from a watch.  This includes earrings and tongue piercings. 
  • We also have a PE kit uniform.
  • We have no rules about hairstyles/colour and students may style this as they wish.  However hair bands etc. should be plain black or navy.
  • No Charity wristbands are to be worn.
  • If parents wish to have their child’s ears pierced we advise doing this at the start of the summer holidays so that they can be removed more easily during school time.  We do not accept plasters over ears to cover earrings or any other concession – they must be removed in school time.
  • Year ties – Each year group will be required to wear the tie colour that corresponds to their year. Below are the colours for each year group for September 2023.

Year 7 –   GREEN

Year 8 –   BLUE

Year 9 –   RED

Year 10 – YELLOW

Year 11 – PURPLE

Students who are not in correct uniform will be placed in Supervised Study until the issue is resolved. Students refusing to remove jewellery / earrings will not be allowed into lessons and will be placed in Supervised Study.


Uniform board


Please follow the link below to view the sportswear board:


To order uniform you can visit Casey at

246 Blackfen Road
Kent, DA15 8PW

Tel: 0208 850 8645

Normal opening hours Mon to Sat 9am to 5pm

Alternatively, if you would like to order online please use the following link

Click here for Casey's price list

Please note that students need black/dark tracksuit bottoms or shorts and trainers for PE lessons, these can be bought either from our supplier or from any other shop of your preference.

PE Kit

  • Harris Academy Greenwich polo shirt
  • Black or dark tracksuit bottoms or shorts
  • Trainers
  • Harris Academy Greenwich PE jumper (optional)


We understand that the cost of school uniform can be a burden to some parents, yet many children grow out of their uniform before it reaches the end of its life. A recent poll by Sainsburys suggested that a child will wear an average of 480 items of uniform clothing over the course of their school days and parents will spend around £6000 in total on uniform.

Donations of uniform are accepted all year round – these can be simply dropped off at reception. We ask for uniform in a clean and good quality state, but all uniform is laundered and pressed by our parent volunteers before sale.

We do offer a second-hand uniform service at HAGR which can be accessed in two ways:

Friends of HAGR Pre-Loved Uniform Sales

At several intervals throughout the year, our wonderful parent volunteers in our Friends of HAGR PTA, run pre-loved uniform sales. These will be scheduled on weekends or after school.

The next sale is:  1st November 2023 at 5.30pm - cash only please

The Second-Hand School Shop

Second-hand uniform is also accessible outside of the above sales, at any point throughout the year. Uniform requests can go directly to, stating the item and size required. Where stock is not available, you will be placed on a wait list until more donations are received.


The suggested pricing structure of second-hand uniform is as follows:

  • Blazers £10
  • Trousers £3
  • Skirts £3
  • Jumpers £5
  • Shirts £2
  • Shorts £2
  • Jogging Bottoms £5
  • SS Polo Shirts £3
  • LS Polo Shirts £5
  • Trainers/Shoes £5
  • Coats £5

We can support families who struggle to meet the cost of the above, please speak to the school to enquire further.

Business wear

We also know that the cost of business wear for Sixth Form students is a concern for many families. We are currently accepting donations of business-wear items and hope to be able to offer these as part of the above sales.