Congratulations to Jesimel in Year 13, our newly appointed Head Student and leader of the Student Council


Congratulations to Anastasija, who got A*ABB and will be reading Political Economy at Kings College London.


Yesterday was a challenging day nationally, but we are so proud of our students. Raul, for example, got A*AA and will be reading Life Sciences and Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick.


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Excellent webinar from . Having previously worked for / with him at it definitely rings true. By far the best professional development I've ever had, both formal and informal.


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*Really* Looking forward to the next webinar Exec. Principal & prof. trained coach will share: Team Toxins: mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them 📅 Tuesday 9th June 🕕 6.00pm Save your spot here:


Sounds like you have got a lot on your plate. Don’t put yourself under too much pressure. We know our parents are doing their best under difficult circumstances. When we are back at school we will make sure all students get back on track. If you need more support then let us know


A massive thank-you to all our families for working with us during this difficult time. It’s now been a few days of our new virtual school plan. Please get in touch and let us know how it’s going or what we can do to offer further support


Hi there - we would be love to help. Email and we can work out some support.


Good evening, a member our virtual tutor team will call you tomorrow to try and resolve this issue.


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With school closures and social distancing affecting us all, we’ve created something in the hope that it makes your life a little easier. Audible Stories - 100s of kids’ audiobooks for free. Just click, stream and listen 😊


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Please, Parents. Help your children and your teachers + the country. School on Monday has to be the LAST resort, not the first. We must ALL be so, again, please, if they can, they MUST and then you’ll help us help you.


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You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should.


A reminder that children of keyworkers and vulnerable groups can come to school on Monday at 9am. Just drop us an email to let us know you’re coming. Let’s do it 👊


Y11 shirt signing: it hasn’t ended the way we wanted but you were on track for record results and we’re really proud of you.


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From tomorrow, we'll be bringing a bit of science into your home every day at 10am to help keeping everyone inspired in these challenging times. Join us on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at 10am each day. Ask us questions and let us know what you'd like to see!


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just looked at the online school work very impressed thank you 😊 makes this difficult time easier for parents


Today all year 7 and 8 students were given at least one book minimum to take home and read while schools are closed.


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Keep Active and Healthy. Virtual PE lesson. Monday to Friday. 9am.


18/03/20: Year 9, Year 10 & Year 12 students must remain at home, all other year groups attend the academy as normal. Please note that any new information from the academy about coronavirus, including details of possible academy closures, can be found at


17/03/20: Year 10 and Year 12 students must remain at home, all other year groups attend the academy as normal. Please note that any new information from the academy about coronavirus, including details of possible academy closures, can be found at

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















The Harris Academy Greenwich Curriculum


We believe that all children should learn a broad and balanced curriculum that has knowledge at its heart. We are unashamedly academic, and as a result we want students to learn and remember a lot. Powerful knowledge takes a student beyond their own experience. It is knowledge that many will not have access to at home, amongst their friends or in the communities in which they live. We are all the inheritors of the great ideas, writings and discoveries of the past and the young people of South London have a right to learn this knowledge. We are an inclusive academy, yet we are uncompromising in our belief that every student will study our curriculum. We know that some children will need more help in order to flourish and we work tirelessly to make sure they get the right support to catch-up. By learning our curriculum, we know that students will step into adulthood ready to meet the challenges of life in 21st century Britain.

During their first three years we prioritise breadth of curriculum so that students can widen their understanding and appreciation of the world; from music and art to science and computing. In Year 10 students will continue to study a core of English, maths, science, history or geography and a foreign language yet are able to shape their own curriculum by choosing from a wide range of GCSE options. At 6th form students choose from a traditional range of A levels which provide a gateway to the most competitive universities and apprenticeships. Through immersion in our curriculum students will excel not only in public examinations but in their interactions with the world, leading to happy and successful lives.

For a student to have truly learned something it must be in their long-term memory ready to be called forth in whichever context they need. Our teachers are subject experts and think carefully about how best to design and teach our curriculum so that it is remembered not merely encountered. We have an evidence informed approach to teaching. No fads, no knee-jerk initiatives, just great pedagogy that we know works. We sequence the curriculum so that new knowledge is founded upon old knowledge with learning building over time. We provide a challenging classroom environment, which encourages participation, curiosity and enquiry. We insist that students work hard outside the classroom. Our homework strategy complements the curriculum as it requires students to read, practise maths skills and revisit prior learning. Over time students learn more and remember more.

By learning a broad set of academic subjects, we know all students are prepared for the next step, including sixth form study and a competitive university for those who wish to pursue such a goal. Along the way we provide excellent careers advice and support so that students can build a plan for their future. We produce knowledgeable students who are at ease with themselves and ready for the challenges of the world. Every year our results at both GCSE and A level are second to none in the local area but our school is more than just an exam factory. Put simply; Harris Academy Greenwich is a place where all children will Step into their Greatness.



We sequence our curriculum so that new knowledge is founded upon old knowledge with learning building over time. Below you can find our ambitious curriculum plans for every subject in every year so you can see what your child is learning at any point. For further information about the curriculum please contact Georgina Charles at

Year 7 Curriculum Overview 2019-20

Year 8 Curriculum Overview 2019-20

Year 9 Curriculum Overview 2019-20

Year 10 Curriculum Overview 2019-20

Year 11 Curriculum Overview 2019-20

Details of the curriculum for each subject can be viewed on our subjects pages. Information on how we plan for our students to learn the curriculum can be viewed here