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Well done to our winner this year at Creative Clash and to all our participants. What AMAZING performances and a fantastic audience. Thanks so much for coming everyone and have a great summer when it comes!! https://t.co/kNSOOIXNET


Got to love Creative Clash tonight! Trombones! Violins! Spoken word! Salsa! Drama! Solos! Dancing! Cool kids here ⁦https://t.co/WI9pwhdOIe


Year 7 boys win the Federation Dragon's Den event! A home win but impartial judging! :) https://t.co/pvM3IuX7kR


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The Expanding Minds day today at school was just awesome! Loved every minute - we wrote a newspaper, witnessed a trial, cared for the environment, and each other. And the food at the multicultural end of day festival was more than delicious!


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Our song is sounding awesome! https://t.co/Lsc9FOMEGN


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Enjoyed a fascinating Q&A on a wide range of issues with pupils this morning. Thank you for the warm welcome


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Interior Design for Expanding Minds day at HAGR https://t.co/nrA26QrjbA


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Giving the memorial garden a good clean for https://t.co/Wc0Ai3pMnL


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...and our dance duo got the crowds going! Yes boys! https://t.co/YmQqlXZNdC


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Snippet from our fantastic year 10 music performance at sports day https://t.co/Y3E4FFdOsz


GOLD! Y9 high jump https://t.co/Xv626pvKuo


GOLD! Y8 Long Jump. https://t.co/dJsnlygzJr


GOLD! Y7 200m. https://t.co/2isDcU5PTT


GOLD! Year 8 300m. https://t.co/lP0lkc3HOi


GOLD! Y10 Long Jump https://t.co/U97lCcrICN


GOLD! Year 8 100m https://t.co/PumtX2MAJJ


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Get ready to watch us perform our music and dance on the big screen at Sports Day 2018!! https://t.co/fLi883awvp


GOLD 100m Y8 girls! https://t.co/INXmfRBEGl


We’re one of only a handful of schools reaccrediting as a World Class School. We love this place. https://t.co/z3POs2vxS0

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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At Harris Academy Greenwich Sixth Form we pride ourselves on teaching students how to unlock their potential and achieve success. Rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted in 2014, we believe that sixth form education should be a balance between academic study and enrichment experiences to prepare students for life after post 16 education, whether that be the world of further education, apprenticeships or employment. All of our students relish the vast array of opportunities open to them at Harris Academy Greenwich and are able to gain wonderful new experiences that prepare them for life’s many challenges.

To tackle the increasing competitive nature of university and apprenticeship courses on offer today, Harris Academy Greenwich offers a host of academic A Level courses as well as Level 3 Cambridge National Diploma courses.  Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as mentoring, inter-house sport competitions and voluntary charity work.  We are proud to work with Deloitte delivering their “Micro Tyco” programme as well as offering students access to the “Career Ready” programme that has seen our students successfully complete placements at some of the UK’s leading financial and legal institutions in The City of London. Please see descriptions of some of the enrichment opportunities available to our students:

Work Experience

Work Experience is a compulsory element of the Year 12 enrichment programme.  All students are expected to take part in the two week programme which usually takes place at the end of the summer term.  Students are expected to look for a placement that is relevant to one of their subjects or their preferred field of work.  Students are provided with all of the necessary paperwork and support to secure the placement.  Students are briefed on expectations during the placement and attend a de brief session on the last day of work experience.  Students are expected to keep a diary whilst at their placement.  Work Experience supports students by helping them to enhance existing skills and learn new ones.  It is a positive learning experience which enables students to understand what employers are looking for from potential employees.

Micro Tyco

Year 12 students can apply to take part in the Micro Tyco challenge in conjunction with Wildhearts and Deloitte.  Students take part in a month long challenge which takes place in November of each year.  Students are given a £1 Micro Loan and must work together as a team to make as much money as possible using their skills as a team.  During the challenge students meet with a representative from Deloitte who work with them to enhance their ideas.  Students submit their learning diary and funds made at the end of the challenge.  All funds raised are used to provide Micro Loans to people with no access to banking facilities in countries across the world, to enable them to better the lives of themselves and their families.  Students are entered in to a ballot for the opportunity to complete a work placement with Deloitte.

Career Ready

We have successfully run the Career Ready programme at Harris Academy Greenwich for the last four years.  Students apply for a place on the programme following a presentation detailing the full content of the Career Ready programme.  Successful students are invited to attend a competitive interview which takes place in central London.  The panel consists of advisory board members who are all staff from large companies such as Citi, Bank of New York and Lloyds.   Following this students are notified if they have been allocated a place on the programme.  Students attend a series of Masterclasses and workplace visits.  Students are also allocated a mentor who is a business person who will support them on their Carer Ready journey.  Students have the opportunity to apply for numerous work experience placements and taster sessions.  All students will have the opportunity to apply for a 4-6 week paid internship which takes place during the last few weeks of the summer term and the first few weeks of the summer holidays.


National Citizen Service

Year 12 students can apply for the National Citizen Service. On phase one, you live with your team at an outdoor activity centre, you'll get to know some amazing people and enjoy some quality time away from home. You'll get the chance to take on some adrenaline-fuelled challenges like rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and archery. Phase two you’ll develop life skills like confidence, leadership and communication to boost your CV or UCAS personal statement. The final part you get to plan fundraising activities where you have a chance to help your community. All of our students who have participated have greatly benefited, especially when applying for top universities.


For the last three years we have  successfully been a part of PwC classroom. PwC classroom provides our students with an opportunity to network and engage with high end businesses for a total of eight days over two years. Our students are taught how to conduct themselves in interviews, they see the benefits of business apprenticeships and what the working environment can be like. Students are also able to apply for an apprenticeship at the end of the programme with PwC.

ASDAN Peer Mentoring

The ASDAN Peer Mentoring Short Course is specifically designed to allow 14-19 year old students to participate in up to 60 hours of peer mentoring activity. This gives recognition to those who are learning, developing, practising and passing on their skills for mentoring on to younger students.

The flexibility of the course means mentoring sessions can be carried out in a variety of settings over a period of time to suit the individual needs of the mentee. During the training phase, all mentors will participate in varying role play situations to emulate real experiences. This process provides students with time and practical experience to become confident in the delivery of the sessions before they begin to work with their mentee.

Upon completion of the course the students will receive a Certificate of Completion and 3 or 6 credits (dependent on mentoring hours).  These credits can be transferred over onto other ASDAN courses.


Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course – MBSR 8 week course


Mindfulness is a simple practice of training the mind to pay attention to the current moment. Everyday life often loses its way to our individual thought patterns. This usually involve us focusing on the negative such as “if only I had done….. “ Or “I haven’t got enough time to…. ”.  This pattern of thinking inevitably leads to anxiety and stress during your day to day life making us less efficient or able to cope.

MBSR teaches you how to shift the feelings of stress and anxiety to the feeling of peace and calm through breathing. Once the basic skills are covered you will find this an invaluable tool that can be utilized in as little as 3 minutes to alleviate the feelings of stress and anxiety. This tool can help students develop positive thinking whilst giving the ability to gain control when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. This has been especially useful for students during the exam period.