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Today was our first ever Summer Fair. Students had an opportunity to engage in numerous of activities. ⚽️ 🧽 🪣


Today was the end of our Year 12s work experience placement at partnership has provided endless amount of opportunities for our students.


Today we hosted our end of year KS3 Pizza Party, celebrating the bright spots and acknowledging these students hard work throughout the academic year. 👩‍🎓🏆😁


A lovely day out ☀️ 🚆 📖


Who said the mind cannot be challenged outside the classroom 🙌🙌


Today was our Learning Beyond Curriculum Day. Our Year 7s was offsite today at the National Maritime Museum and Royal Observatory. Happy train journey 🙌😀


Well done to our athletes who took part in the Harris Athletic Sports Day Final.🏆🥇🚨


Future sporting champions 🏆🥇😀Always a pleasure hosting you.


Well done to our athletes who took part in the Harris Athletic Sports Day Final.🥇🥇🏆


Today’s Year 7 Achievement Assembly.Well done to you all, first year of secondary school almost completed.🏆 🥇🚨


What a lovely day, our students were engaged, educated and inspired 👮 🚨🚓. Thank you


Good music and excellent performances.What a vibrant evening 🎺🎷🎸🎹


This year Bedrock Champions were rewarded for completing their literacy homework with an exciting trip to the British Library. The highlight was the "Treasures" exhibition, showcasing marvels from Shakespeare's originals to 2000-year-old homework placards. 📖 📕


Yesterday we commemorated 3 years since losing Tamim Habimana. We miss you and will always remember your vibrant and energetic character!


Year 8 Assembly this morning focused on the general election. It’s important that we educate our students on the power of their future votes! 🗳️


Our students took part in the Harris regional heats' sports day at Sutcliffe park. The heats are held to determine if the athletes will compete at Crystal Palace stadium and ultimately represent the school against all other Harris secondaries. Great performances today🥇🏆😀


Congratulations and !What a game ⚽️ 😁


Last week our students took part in their first chess tournament. We finished 2nd place overall with Martin finishing in the top 4 out of 50 students! 🥈🏆


What a lovely day! It was great seeing so many smiling faces today☀️ Same again next year 🏆🥇


Look 👀 who just completed the 400 metre race! 💪🏼 Thank you

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office

















Mission and Culture

Our mission 

Why we do what we do

In this corner of South East London we have a clear mission: to run a great school which offers every child, regardless of circumstance, the chance to thrive both personally and academically.

We make no apology for believing a key part to a happy and fulfilled life is a great set of exam results. They are the currency which students require to progress to the next stage of their education. No amount of celebrity disapproval or stories of success against the odds will convince us otherwise. Results matter to our community.

We know that academic progress is critical to our students enjoying lives of choice and opportunity but that they also need to develop the content of their character and have a range of rich experiences which they will never forget. We want to help students have warm hearts and cool heads so that they are ready for the challenges of adolescence and ultimately adulthood. In short, we want our students to live well.

Our students are very proud to be a part of our school community because they know that this is a place where they can Step into their Greatness.

Our routines

How we deliver an exceptional education

We focus relentlessly on learning, operate tight routines and build strong relationships with children and their families. This forms the platform for students to be able to Step into their Greatness.

We have very clear rules on homework, equipment and uniform because students must be ready to learn. We have very clear routines in the classroom so that all students can benefit from a disruption free environment. Students are expected to work for long periods of time in silence so that they can think deeply about the knowledge at hand.

We foster a love of learning, thinking and scholarship so that our students thrive not only at school and university but also later in life. To this end, we offer all students from Year 7 to Year 13 a variety of opportunities for intellectual engagement at the highest level both inside and outside the classroom. We teach them how to take responsibility for their own learning and insist they become more independent over time so that they are ready for the next stage.

Our days are longer than other local schools. Students have more time in the classroom to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as more opportunities to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities that enrich and broaden their cultural capital. We value punctuality and expect students to be on time every time. There are no shortcuts to success.

We establish a three-way partnership between families, students and staff. At Greenwich all parents sign a Home Academy Agreement that outlines our shared commitment to hard work and a consistent support of one another.

Our people

Who we are

Harris Academy Greenwich is a great place to work. We recruit, train and retain the very best staff then let them get on with it. We take the issue of workload seriously and make sure our working practices are sustainable. Our teachers are subject experts and boss their classroom accordingly. We cultivate effective, autonomous leaders at every level of the organisation. We are successful because every day 140 brilliant people work tirelessly to support students towards greatness.

Our culture

How we think and act

We have an unwavering commitment to nurturing a culture where students work hard, be kind and take responsibility. Over time our students develop the character which will help them succeed at school and beyond.  These values underpin all aspects of life at the academy:

Work hard: We understand that nothing in life is handed to us on a plate. We do what it takes for as long as it takes. Teachers expect 100% effort 100% of the time and students will be challenged when they fall below this standard.

Be Kind: We are tolerant of difference and treat others with respect and dignity. We are kind to ourselves and look out for one another. We do the right thing even when no-one is looking.

Take responsibility: We understand that we are responsible for our actions. We work hard to understand our emotions and manage them effectively. When we make a mistake, we put things right. When there is a setback, we are resilient and look to improve.

If you want your child to Step into their Greatness then this is the place to be.