Congratulations to Daniel Falode who has been called up the U20 GB team at the European Champions in Tallinn


Congratulations to Daniel Falode (Yr 13) for securing a place at Harvard College.


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Did you know we teach 🤺? Fencing is an Olympic sport but not many young people get a chance to experience it, so we are pleased to be delivering fencing sessions to Year 8 students at . Get in touch to find out how your school/college can benefit.


We’re delighted to welcome students back from Monday 8th. Come along to our online presentation tomorrow night and hear about all our plans including covid testing. Invites will be text out tomorrow


Congratulations to Bisola, David, Naz, Nicholle & Soraya in Year 13 for being runners up in the group category for this year's Battle of the Bands competition. Check out their performance here


Congratulations to Soraya in Year 13 for winning the solo performance in this year's Battle of the Bands competition. Check out her performance here


Thanks to for hosting a 'Real News' webinar with our Year 10 students. We learnt some interesting ways to verify facts and challenge misinformation.


Check your inboxes today for our first newsletter including the lowdown on all things MS Teams, reasons to be cheerful and another chance to offer us your feedback on virtual school. Have a great day


KS3 parents: come and join us tonight at 6pm to hear about the plans for our refined virtual school. We’d also love to hear your thoughts about what we could do to improve. Invites have been texted out. See you there


We’re sorry to hear that things have been difficult today and I apologise if our communication didn’t land well. Get in touch on our info@ email and we can look at how we can help


We know there’s a lot to take in following the latest lockdown announcement. We will work through the details tomorrow and communicate to all families as soon as possible. Stay safe.


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Following the Government’s legal direction, here is an open letter to families in . My main priority has always been children & families across not a courtroom battle with the Government, and I acted based on data that shows rising cases of


Tuesday 15th December Update- We will be open to years 10,12 &13


Hi Michael - central government have made their position 100% clear: schools, nationwide, need to remain open. We are simply following that direction.


Hi Leanne - give us a ring in the morning. You are not at risk of a fine but we’d love it if your other child came in to school. I have no doubt that some parents are worried but please get in touch and we can talk it through.


Sorry to hear that Leanne - no doubt the Local Authority have made their decision in good faith. We take our lead from the Department for Education which has said schools should remain open wherever possible. We have around 95% of our staff fit and ready to work so we’re open.


Hi Allan - we are an academy and despite good relations with the Local Authority we are not bound by their recommendations. We are open and looking forward to seeing the students this week.


We will be open on Monday 14th December to Y7, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Covid cases permitting, we intend to remain open to those year groups until 3.35pm on Thursday 17th December. Hope this clears up some of the confusion this evening.


Harris Academy Greenwich will be open on Monday 14th December to Y7, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Covid cases permitting, we intend to remain open to those year groups until 3.35pm on Thursday 17th December.


We will be open on Monday 14th December to Y7, 10, 11, 12 and 13. Covid cases permitting, we intend to remain open to those year groups until 3.35pm on Thursday 17th December.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Pupil Premium Spend

Harris Academy Greenwich Pupil Premium Spend

Review of Spending and Impact 2019-20

The government provides extra funding to schools for students qualifying for the ‘pupil premium’. National statistics indicate that historically, these students do not perform as well as others due to a variety of barriers to learning such as a lack of self-belief, an absence of an academic role model, a chaotic home life, an absence of routine helpful in creating scholarly habits or a lack of a quiet space to revise. Our pupil premium spend aims to reduce these barriers to learning and even the playing field between disadvantaged and advantaged pupils.

At Harris Academy Greenwich, 444 of our students were eligible for the Pupil Premium in 2019-2020 with most year groups having just over 50% of the cohort eligible for the grant.

We measure the impact of our pupil premium spend primarily through progress data, collected through various assessments throughout the year. Due to COVID, using data and reports are less reliable and even for some year groups impossible.  It is the culmination of all our strategies that we measure, not necessarily each individual intervention.  At Harris Academy Greenwich, we call our strategy a ‘game of inches’ where interventions add together to have an extraordinary impact on the results and life chances of our most disadvantaged students. At Harris Greenwich tackling disadvantage starts in making sure our pupils are in the right uniform and have the equipment they need to succeed in school. We make them feel welcome and support their emotional and psychological needs. We support out pupils with their attendance and once they are in school we use TA and teacher support so that they receive an excellent education. We coach and mentor our pupils so that they understand that all children, regardless of background, deserve the very best school outcomes.

The table below outlines the expenditure in the 2019-2020 academic year, followed by an outline of the key priorities of this coming academic year. The Pupil Premium Report is published in September 2020 and the final review will be written in September 2021.

Spending 2019-2020


Strategy 2018-19

Actual Spent


2020-2021 Expected Spend





& Aspiration

Coaching for Performance CPD for staff


Staff that are trained how to coach and have meaningful conversations are invaluable to us in Harris Greenwich. Senior Leaders regularly speak with students and use their coaching skills to re-set, deescalate and motivate.



Continue having meaningful conversations with students.

Talking Teens CPD

4, 990

The aim of the course is to empower parents to enable them to have more positive and healthy conversations with their teen. The hope is then this will spill out into their school life.


To train staff to run workshops to educate and support parents of teenagers.

Careers advice and guidance

13, 587


In order to break a cycle of disadvantage, students need goals and a clear path to get there. Our careers spend allows students to figure out what they want to do when they are older which improves their motivation in school.


Further guidance needed for new year 10/11 pupils.

Uniform Purchases

6, 000

To ensure that our disadvantaged students have the proper uniform for their school day we assist in the purchase of shoes, ties, trousers, shirts and blazers.


Ongoing need to support pupils with uniform.

Pastoral support

Attendance Officer

26, 449

Our attendance officer allows us to focus our efforts on improving the attendance of some of our most vulnerable students, getting them into school and participating in the school community.


Ongoing need to support pupils with their attendance.

Counselling Support

18 632

Our counsellor is able to offer emotional support to our most vulnerable students, offering them a regular and reliable space in which to talk about the challenges they face.  

19 000

To continue supporting the psychological needs of our most vulnerable students.

Anger Management


31 908

We use our one anger management team to offer support with students who struggle to regulate their emotions. It allows them to learn coping skills to deal with challenges. 

35 000

To continue working with our pupils in managing their emotions.

CP Team

36 989

Our child protection team provides support for our most vulnerable pupils and helps keep our pupils safe.

38 000

Vital to keep our pupils safe.

Additional EAL support


26 000

In order to ensure those students for whom English is a second language are supported in accessing the curriculum and succeeding in school.

20 000

To continue assisting our EAL pupils access the curriculum.

Dedicated TLR to support with supervised study.


To provide support for our disadvantaged students in participating in independent revision after school, communicating regularly with families and carers.  


Continued work with pupils and families in after school revision.







Additional setting in Maths and English

42 937

Strong passes in Maths and English give students a better chance in life, for this reason we add sets to Maths and English to reduce class sizes and lower the teacher to pupil ration, giving some of our low attaining students access to more teacher attention.


98 658

Need to sustain high number of pupils achieving a ‘strong pass’ at GCSE.



Academic Support

Online tutoring for Science


3 440

Tassomai is a way of encouraging low attaining pupils to take steps to improve their knowledge in Science.

3 500

Ongoing support in Science.

Teacher’s Salary

75 853

In order to support some of our most vulnerable pupils in school, particularly in KS4, we have a senior teacher and lead practitioner leading on pupil premium initiatives.

77 000

Continued leadership of initiatives to support vulnerable pupils.

Word’s First

10 250

To support our disadvantaged students who may have an additional education need. 

13 110

Ongoing need to support SEN pupils.

Online tutoring for Maths

1 440

To encourage students to attempt Maths questions at home and as a tool to make disengaged pupils enjoy Maths more.

1 500

Ongoing support for pupils in Maths.

Additional TA support

44 963

TAs are an invaluable resource in lessons to assist vulnerable students access the curriculum, to motivate students who may become disengaged and to ensure all pupils make progress.

54 952

To assist growing cohort of vulnerable pupils in years 7 and 8.

Alternative Education

Check number with GCS

73 095

To provide alternative education opportunities for those students who are too ill to come to school and for those that require different educational environments in order to succeed in school. 

38 000

To continue to offer alternative educational opportunities for those pupils that need them.

Total Spend

423 555




Pupil Premium funding for 2019 – 2020

423 555


Pupil Premium funding for 2020 – 2021

441 320



Impact of funding on student outcomes

Due to COVID lockdown from March to July, our Y11 students were awarded Centre Assessment Grades using mock grades and teacher judgement. OFQUAL was then to use our CAGs to award students with a grade based on the rest of the country’s CAGs. As seen in the news, the government did a sudden U-turn and decided to use all school’s CAGs as GCSE results. Due to the nature of these circumstances, our data isn’t as comparable as in previous years however we were expecting our best GCSE results ever seen so below reflects the CAGs results.






(92 students)

Whole Cohort
(184 Students)

Progress 8




Att 8




EBacc 4+




EBacc 5+




% maths 4+




% maths 5+




% best English 4+




% best English 5+





There are no national Pupil Premium results to compare our data to however, looking at the data from the previous years does allow one to see the improvement our Pupil Premium students have achieved. All the measures below have increased apart from the percentage of best English 4+ which is marginally lower. The most notable improvement is seen in the progress 8 average of 0.56 up 0.38 from the previous year. This means our Pupil Premium students have almost achieved on average another half grade better on their GCSEs than in the previous year. When considering subjects, maths saw the greatest percentage increase in 4+ and 5+ with 9% and 31.7% respectively. This data reflects how the interventions, strategies and resources we use for our Pupil Premium students impact results over time as such plans are not just put into place in Y11. While disadvantaged pupils in Harris Greenwich have seen great improvement, there is still a gap in school between those pupils eligible for the PP grant and those that are not. Our focus as a school is on early intervention and making Key Stage 3 matter in order to try to close that gap and improve the life chances of our most disadvantaged pupils. Our school target is a Progress 8 of 0.6 for all pupils. 


Teaching priorities for 2020/2021



Priority 1

Prioritising literacy through reading mornings- every student with a book, reading three time a week.

Priority 2

Additional TA support for our disadvantaged students and to extend our support to our year 8 and 9 pupils.

Barriers to learning these priorities address

  • Poor literacy and reading skills the impair progress throughout KS3 and into KS4
  • TA support for disadvantaged year 7 and 8 pupils.

Projected spending


Targeted academic support for 2020/2021



Priority 1

Training for Thinking Reading programme

Priority 2

Training for specific needs identified through SEND department identified from lockdown implications.

Barriers to learning these priorities address

  • Poor literacy and reading skills the impair progress throughout KS3 and into KS4
  • Lack of routines, expectations and learning accumulated during the lockdown making the progress gap for PP/SEND students larger  

Projected spending

£111 000

Wider strategies for 2020/2021



Priority 1

Improved emotional support for pupils due to lockdown implications.

Priority 2

Team Around Group meetings to ensure targeted and appropriate interventions are put in place with clear communication for major concern students.

Priority 3

Learning Beyond the Classroom days once a term to give students cultural capital experiences via visiting speakers and trips out to galleries/museums.

Barriers to learning these priorities address

  • Poor emotional well-being preventing achievement.
  • Lack of routines, expectations and learning accumulated during the lockdown making the progress gap for PP/SEND students larger 
  • Little opportunity for students to experience places of interest beyond their local area

Projected spending

£105 000

Planned review dates for Pupil Premium spending and impact

  • Impact of Pupil Premium spending will be measured termly in the following ways:
    • Analysis of internal summative assessment scores, both progress against expected target and raw attainment.
      • December 2020, April 2021, July 2021
    • Weekly analysis of BromCom data – behaviour points, both positive and negative.
    • Persistent Absentee reviews throughout the year.
    • Half-termly check ins with vulnerable Pupil Premium pupils.
    • Final review in September 2021.

Assistant Principal for KS4 – Jennifer McMillan

Governor – Lee McCormack