We are extremely proud of all our year 13 students who have achieved another year of record results.


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Congratulations!!! have finished their today in ! Changing perceptions of the industry for students from ! Thank you!!


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Congratulations 🙌 🥇


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Well done to Jam Band who won this year’s Creative Clash . What a fantastic evening full of incredible talent. Thanks everyone who came to support our students. Have a wonderful and safe summer holidays!


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Jam band performing for year 9 achievement assembly today


The red carpet is out for our Year 9 Graduation party!!


Parents: the local authority are giving a training session for parents tomorrow 16th July 7.30pm on how to keep your children safe online at home over the summer hols. The training is on facebook. Link is


Last week of term coming up. Please ensure your child has 100% attendance...we keep them learning to the last minute - no videos or other waste of time. School finishes at 2pm on Friday.


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Good Luck to ’s own year 11 triple jumper Daniel, who is competing in the ESAA championships today. 12.30-12.45pm today 🤞🙌💪


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Year 7 practising their French and learning to make croissants on our visit to Boulogne-sur-Mer


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First Batch of medals for at Federation Sports day!


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More medals for 🏅🙌


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A great win for Hannah in the year 8 800m 🙌🏅#letsgohannahletsgo


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PE team 2018-2019 🙌


Ezri Konsa: Aston Villa sign Brentford defender in £12m deal - BBC Sport. Our former pupil!!!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Pupil Premium Spend

Harris Academy Greenwich Pupil Premium Spend

Review of Spending and Impact 2017-18

The government provides extra funding to schools for students qualifying for the ‘pupil premium’. National statistics indicate that historically, these students do not perform as well as others due to a variety of barriers to learning.

At Harris Academy Greenwich, 445 of our students are currently (as of September 2018) eligible for the Pupil Premium.

We measure the impact of our pupil premium spend primarily through progress data, collected through various assessments throughout the year.  It is the culmination of all our strategies that we measure, not necessarily each individual intervention.  At Harris Academy, we call our strategy a ‘game of inches’ where interventions add together to have an extraordinary impact on the results and life chances of our most disadvantaged students.

The table below outlines the expenditure in the 2017-2018 academic year, followed by a review of Pupil Premium progress in the GCSEs and an outline of the key priorities of this coming academic year.

Allocation per child in 2018-19

  • £935 per child in years 7 to 11

Spending 2017-2018


Strategy 2017-18

Actual Spent

 Intended Impact

Motivation and Aspiration

The Brilliant Club


To ensure disadvantaged high attainer students have the opportunity to take part in extracurricular trips, such as university visits.

Champion Mindset (Guest Speaker)


To inspire and motivate disadvantaged pupils during an assembly.

Coaching for Performance CPD for staff


To equip key staff with the skills to hold meaningful and inspirational conversations with disadvantaged pupils.

Mind the Soul Mindfulness Course


To equip key staff with the skills to lead mindfulness sessions with disadvantaged pupils to ensure they are motivated and happy in school.

Careers advice and guidance


Careers advice and guidance for all disadvantaged pupils.

Pastoral support

Uniform Purchases


To ensure that our disadvantaged students have the proper uniform for their school day we assist in the purchase of shoes, ties, trousers, shirts and blazers.

Attendance Officers


To support disadvantaged students and to ensure that their attendance is on an upward trajectory always.

Trip subsidies


To ensure that disadvantaged students have the opportunity to attend school trips, such as Geography excursions.

CPD for Health Officer


To ensure our staff are able to fully support our more vulnerable disadvantaged pupils.

School Nurse, Speech and Language Provision


To provide health support for our disadvantaged pupils.

Transport costs for visits


Supporting disadvantaged pupils transport costs.

Counselling Support


Supporting the emotional needs of disadvantaged pupils.

Anger Management


Providing targeted anger management training and support for vulnerable disadvantaged pupils that struggle to manage their emotional reactions.

CP Team


Provide support for our most vulnerable pupils and their families.

Pastoral CPD provision


To ensure the pastoral team are in the best position to support disadvantaged pupils.


Printing of flashcards and revision guides


Providing flashcards and revision guides for those pupil premium pupils that are unable to provide their own.


Academic Support

Year 11 equipment and supervised study resources


To ensure that disadvantaged pupils are able to benefit fully from revision programmes set up in the school and have the correct materials to revise from.

Dedicated TLR to support with supervised study.


To provide study support for disadvantaged students

CPD for SEN department and teams.


To ensure outstanding provision for our SEN disadvantaged pupils.

Vocational courses at KS4


To ensure that all disadvantaged pupils have the opportunity to take part in meaningful programmes that fit their needs during their GCSE year.

Additional setting in Maths and English


This ensures LA disadvantaged students enjoy the benefits of smaller class sizes.

Online tutoring for Science


To ensure disadvantaged pupils make good progress in Science.

Word’s First


To support out disadvantaged SEN pupils.

Online tutoring and self-testing for Maths


To ensure disadvantaged pupils make good progress in Maths.

Tutoring – A Star Tutors


To support disadvantaged pupils in key subject areas such as Maths.

Additional TA support


To support our disadvantaged pupils in their lessons.

Holiday Revision Programmes


To support disadvantaged pupils with revision during holidays.

Literacy and numeracy intervention


Ensuring disadvantaged students have the opportunity to make progress in Maths and English.

Revision Guide & Flash Card Printing


Ensuring students from disadvantaged backgrounds have access to revision materials during exam season.

High Attainer support and revision sessions



This ensures that High Attainer Pupil Premium students have as much chance as their peers of getting top grades in their exams.

Alternative Provision

Alternative Education


To provide alternative education opportunities for those students who are too ill to come to school and for those that require different educational environments in order to succeed in school. 


Total Spend




Pupil Premium funding for 2017-18



Impact of funding on student outcomes

Key Stage Four Progress and Attainment Analysis by Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium students make good progress in Harris Academy Greenwich. The average progress is 0.305, which compares to a whole cohort progress of 0.5. This gap is smaller than the national average. Pupil Premium students achieved an average attainment score of 5. 61 % of Pupil Premium students achieved a positive Progress 8 grade overall, with 65% of Pupil Premium students achieving a positive progress EBACC score.

Key Actions and Intentions for 2018-19

  • Extend our support of our emotionally vulnerable disadvantaged pupils by increasing our spend on anger management and coaching provision.
  • With the second year of new specification GCSE exams, we intend to invest more in exam resources, revision guides and study materials in order to ensure that all our disadvantaged pupils access great study materials.
  • We intend to extend our offer of online tutoring in Science and Maths to disadvantaged pupils in KS3.
  • Provide a dedicated revision programme for high attainer pupil premium pupils in both year 10 and 11.

Planned review dates for Pupil Premium spending and impact

  • Impact of Pupil Premium spending will be measured termly in the following ways:
    • Analysis of internal summative assessment scores, both progress against expected target and raw attainment
      • December 2018, April 2018, July 2018
    • Weekly analysis of BromCom data – behaviour points, both positive and negative.
    • Persistent Absentee reviews throughout the year.
    • Half-termly check-ins with vulnerable Pupil Premium pupils.