we focus on responding not marking. ‘Marking’ only 1 per half term and only on 1 piece of work. Biggest impact on kids is catching them getting it right and wrong in the moment - instead lots of visualisers, taking photos of work, verbal / whole class feedback.


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An inspirational first Harris Federation Conference. Powerful speech from Sir Dan Moynihan demonstrating how our Federation is showing righteous indignation towards the issue of inherited immobility. 4,500 people and 40,000 pupils but 1 family.


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Impossible not to feel proud of what today and everyday since September has taught me. Finally attended a teacher conference that was useful and offered drama specialised workshops! The most insightful day.


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Lord Harris addresses the Harris Fed staff at this years conference.


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'Britain has the highest rate of single parent poverty out of all the EU countries'. Harris Peckham + have now introduced a FREE nursery hub with 51 weeks of childcare, three meals a day, and 50+ hours a week of child care. Now THAT is


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Harris in harmony


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Wonderful to hear the massed voices of students and staff.


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48 school, over 4,000 teachers, 36,000 students - Harris is a major force for change in London


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Sir Dan Moynihan outlining his principles to help young people and subvert the Inheritance of Immobility - Harris academies transform lives


A reminder for all families that tomorrow is an Inset Day so you can enjoy a long weekend with your kids!


Thanks! (We’re assuming that was a compliment!) Come for a visit next time you’re down South. Be glad to exchange ideas.


Happy to share our feedback policy in public for our favourite English tweeter...


New cooking club!


Congrats to our Federation teacher graduates tonight! It’s the best profession in the world :)


That’s a shame. We’ll keep a special eye on you Jack. Just in case you forget the new rule and we need to put your phone in the safe for 24 hours. PS If you could do your homework too that would be great.


From tomorrow we will be enforcing our ban on electronic devices. If they are seen inside the school gates then they will confiscated. The device will be placed in the school safe and available to collect after 24 hours via an appointment. Your support is greatly appreciated


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Don't mess with David & his bandmates from . It's a musical showdown, coming soon in our short film!


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Thank you very much for this day of celebration, giving our young man the pride to have achieved the grades he needs! You have made everything much easier than we thought; with the support you have given.


Looking forward to seeing our new Year 7 and 11 tomorrow at 8.45am as well as 6th form for their meetings with tutors. Y8-10 start on Thursday at 8.55am. We know you are excited to see us too!


Years 7, 11, 12 and 13 start on Wednesday. :)

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office














Pupil Premium Spend

Harris Academy Greenwich Pupil Premium Spend

Review of Spending and Impact 2018-19

The government provides extra funding to schools for students qualifying for the ‘pupil premium’. National statistics indicate that historically, these students do not perform as well as others due to a variety of barriers to learning.

At Harris Academy Greenwich, 498 of our students were eligible for the Pupil Premium in 2018-19, with most year groups having just over 50% of the cohort eligible for the grant.

We measure the impact of our pupil premium spend primarily through progress data, collected through various assessments throughout the year.  It is the culmination of all our strategies that we measure, not necessarily each individual intervention.  At Harris Academy, we call our strategy a ‘game of inches’ where interventions add together to have an extraordinary impact on the results and life chances of our most disadvantaged students. At Harris Greenwich tackling disadvantage starts in making sure our pupils are in the right uniform and have the equipment they need to succeed in school. We make them feel welcome and support their emotional and psychological needs. We support out pupils with their attendance and once they are in school we use TA and teacher support so that they receive an excellent education. We coach and mentor our pupils so that they understand that all children, regardless of background, deserve the very best school outcomes.

The table below outlines the expenditure in the 2018-2019 academic year, followed by a review of Pupil Premium progress in the GCSEs and an outline of the key priorities of this coming academic year.


Spending 2018-2019


Strategy 2018-18

Actual Spent

 Intended Impact

2019-2020 Expected Spend





& Aspiration

Coaching for Performance CPD for staff


Staff that are trained how to coach and have meaningful conversations are invaluable to us in Harris Greenwich. Senior Leaders regularly speak with students and use their coaching skills to re-set, deescalate and motivate.


Continue having meaningful conversations with students.

Team Coaching CPD for staff


Our senior team are trained in team coaching in order to motivate and work with students in friendship groups as well as to handle skilful restorative justice conversations and to resolve any tension that may have arisen.


Continue working with groups of students.

Careers advice and guidance



In order to break a cycle of disadvantage, students need goals and a clear path to get there. Our careers spend allows students to figure out what they want to do when they are older which improves their motivation in school.


Further guidance needed for new year 10/11 pupils.

Pastoral support

Uniform Purchases


To ensure that our disadvantaged students have the proper uniform for their school day we assist in the purchase of shoes, ties, trousers, shirts and blazers.


Ongoing need to support pupils with uniform.

Attendance Officer


Our attendance officer allows us to focus our efforts on improving the attendance of some of your most vulnerable students, getting them into school and participating in the school community.


Ongoing need to support pupils with their attendance.

CPD for Health Officer


Our school health officer deals with an array of student issues day to day and their continued professional development ensures they are doing the best job they can for our disadvantaged pupils. 


Ongoing need for CPD to deal with health issues.

Drama Therapy


Drama therapy CPD for our support staff to add the tools they have when dealing with our most challenging pupils.


In order to continue working with our vulnerable year 7s and 8s.

Counselling Support


Our counsellor is able to offer emotional support to our most vulnerable students, offering them a regular and reliable space in which to talk about the challenges they face.  


To continue supporting the psychological needs of our most vulnerable students.

Anger Management


We use our two man anger management team to offer support with students who struggle to regulate their emotions. It allows them to learn coping skills to deal with challenges.  


To continue working with our pupils in managing their emotions.

CP Team


Our child protection team provides support for our most vulnerable pupils and helps keep our pupils safe.


Vital to keep our pupils safe.



Printing of flashcards and revision guides


Providing flashcards and revision guides for those pupils that are unable to afford their own, ensuring every child has access to excellent revision materials.


Ongoing need to support pupils with resources.


Academic Support

Year 11 equipment and supervised study resources


Providing the right after school revision work for all pupils, including our most vulnerable.  


Ongoing need to support our year 11s with resources.

Additional EAL support


In order to ensure those students for whom English is a second language are supported in accessing the curriculum and succeeding in school.


To continue assisting our EAL pupils access the curriculum.

Dedicated TLR to support with supervised study.


To provide support for our disadvantaged students in participating in independent revision after school, communicating regularly with families and carers.  


Continued work with pupils and families in after school revision.

Additional setting in Maths and English


Strong passes in Maths and English give students a better chance in life, for this reason we add sets to Maths and English to reduce class sizes and lower the teacher to pupil ration, giving some of our low attaining students access to more teacher attention.


Need to sustain high number of pupils achieving a ‘strong pass’ at GCSE.

Online tutoring for Science


Tassomai is a way of encouraging low attaining pupils to take steps to improve their knowledge in Science.


Ongoing support in Science.

Teacher’s Salary


In order to ensure that a senior teacher and lead practitioner is leading on initiatives to support some of our most vulnerable pupils in school.


Continued leadership of initiatives to support vulnerable pupils.

Word’s First


To support our disadvantaged students who may have an additional education need. 


Ongoing need to support SEN pupils.

CPD for History Teachers 


The continued professional development of our History team in order to ensure that the large number of pupils at KS4 that choose History are given the best possible support.


Ongoing CPD for History department as high numbers at KS4 are sustained.

Curriculum CPD


CPD for the SLT member leading on curriculum in order to ensure that all pupils regardless of background are taught a rich and varied curriculum.


Ongoing CPD to assist department as they continue to improve and refine their curricula.

English CPD


CPD for the English team in order to support in the teaching of challenging Shakespeare texts which are an important component of the KS4 curriculum.


Ongoing CPD for the English team necessary to raise standards for disadvantaged pupils. 

Online tutoring for Maths


To encourage students to attempt Maths questions at home and as a tool to make disengaged pupils enjoy Maths more.


Ongoing support for pupils in Maths.

Additional TA support


TAs are an invaluable resource in lessons to assist vulnerable students access the curriculum, to motivate students who may become disengaged and to ensure all pupils make progress.


To assist growing cohort of vulnerable pupils in years 7 and 8.

Alternative Provision

Alternative Education


To provide alternative education opportunities for those students who are too ill to come to school and for those that require different educational environments in order to succeed in school. 


To continue to offer alternative educational opportunities for those pupils that need them.


Total Spend






Pupil Premium funding for 2018-19







Impact of funding on student outcomes

Key Stage Four Progress and Attainment Analysis by Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium students nationally had a progress 8 score of -0.44 with an Att 8 score of 3.67. Pupils achieving a 4+ in Maths and English nationally is 44.5% while pupils achieving a 5+ nationally is 24.9%. Only 12.1% of disadvantaged pupils nationally achieved a grade of 4 or more across their EBacc subjects. While disadvantaged pupils in Harris Greenwich outperformed the national average, there is still a gap in school between those pupils eligible for the PP grant and those that are not. Our focus as a school is on early intervention and making Key Stage 3 matter in order to try to close that gap and improve the life chances of our most disadvantaged pupils.





Key Actions and Intentions for 2018-19

  • Extend our support to our disadvantaged year 7 and 8 pupils.
  • Increase our spend on our TA department to support our most vulnerable students with literacy and numeracy.
  • Improve our provision of anger management and coaching in order to support our younger students.


Planned review dates for Pupil Premium spending and impact

  • Impact of Pupil Premium spending will be measured termly in the following ways:
    • Analysis of internal summative assessment scores, both progress against expected target and raw attainment.
      • December 2019, April 2019, July 2019
    • Weekly analysis of BromCom data – behaviour points, both positive and negative.
    • Persistent Absentee reviews throughout the year.
    • Half-termly check ins with vulnerable Pupil Premium pupils.