Retweetd From Lawrence Foley

Great to visit today. With thanks to and . Fairly obvious why ofsted were bowled over. Learned lots and loads to think about.


Congratulations to the year 9 football team who won the Harris Federation Cup, beating the competition 4-1. Congratulations to all those involved.


We are thrilled to have you onboard and appreciate your commitment to our community.


Retweetd From Mr M. Ismail

Thank you to Mr Keely, Principal of for taking the time to show me around his ‘Outstanding’ school. It was great to see so many engaged and enthused students completely engrossed in their learning. The english lesson on Macbeth was 👌


We are excited to announce our 'Outstanding' rating in our most recent inspection. We couldn't be prouder of our staff, students and the local community. Click the link to read the full report:


Retweetd From Exec Head, George McMillan

Incredibly proud of my staff and students and in particular the brilliant Principal, Ben Keely. World Class School twice in a row and now Ofsted Outstanding twice in a row too. Sustainable work / life balance in a very happy school. Next for too!


Retweetd From Aimhigher London

A huge thank you to the KS3 learners from who joined us for a Buddies session yesterday, & for their great comments & questions.


Retweetd From Upskill Me

Yesterday, the Law Society students at conducted their first to a Jury made up of industry expert volunteers. We advocate for approaches, like our Law Society mock trial to help students practice skills


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Thank you to the team for hosting our today; we appreciate you! 🏏☀️


Retweetd From Upskill Me

Today students from will be holding their Mock Trial 🧑‍⚖️ This event has been supported by our Law Society, in partnership with and we cannot wait to see all the students’ hard work come to life!


This week our students visited the over 60s at MPCC. They helped out with teas and coffees and discussed the Ukrainian crisis. They represented the school well!


We have really enjoyed the workshops put on by the Hair and Beauty team at over the past few weeks. More careers workshops coming soon - watch this space


Retweetd From Haimo Primary School

Year 5 Freddie Mercury class visited Harris Academy today and were shown how to make spaghetti bolognese. Thank you 😀🍝


A small group of students visited Middle Park Community Centre last week. They enjoyed chatting and sharing stories. Well done to all!! We can't wait to come back again.


Retweetd From Maternity Teacher

Wonderful session with colleagues ! An early celebration exploring how we can and address the in education with individual action and influence! Thanks for having the ☺️


Retweetd From Middle Park Primary

Year 5 Nergui had a great practical science afternoon with our friends down at Thanks for inviting us, we’ve loved our visits.


This week our Food Tech team welcomed Year 5s from . The students cooked spaghetti bolognese from scratch - well done to all!


Retweetd From Harris Experience

We had a really fantastic session yesterday with Y12 students attending the student leadership program. Students had some really mature and thought-provoking discussions on complex topics on culture and identity, and demonstrated leadership qualities. Well done!


Over the last two weeks, it’s been our pleasure to host the lovely Y5s from for some Science lessons!


A huge thank you to for preparing our year 12 students for their first-ever HAGR Law Society mock trial.

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We take workload so seriously the BBC made a film about it

20 reasons to work for us

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1Our staff are passionate about helping students `step into their greatness` and take personal responsibility for their lives.

2These words are really important for how we show up at work too.

3Our mantra of `Work hard, be nice, take responsibility` ensures students behave brilliantly...and in the rare occasions that they don't, support for teachers is instant.

4A supportive, coaching culture of high rapport, high challenge to have you teaching at the top of your game.

5A highly motivated and positive staff.



6A staff voice that is actually listened to – an open door to the Principal.

7No game-playing with results, admissions or people. Honesty is important – even when it's difficult to hear sometimes.

8Good leadership at all levels with integrity and moral purpose at the heart of all we do.

9Senior leaders you can trust, who are human and who all still teach!

10Leaders who walk the talk.

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11Actually creating social mobility and saving lives – high levels of deprivation but no gap in achievement for those on Pupil Premium.

12Amazing exam results throughout the school, with non-core subjects genuinely valued.

13Your career development taken seriously with excellent CPD and leadership development at all levels.

14Cultural Diversity Gold Award: 58 languages spoken with social harmony and great behaviour a real feature throughout the school.

15A brand new state-of-the-art building.

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16Competitive inner London salary with generous Harris enhancement (not performance-related) and loyalty bonus

17Free healthcare plan; loans for season tickets, ICT, bikes; 20% off Tapi carpets

18Relocation help.

19A commitment to our '40 ways we reduce staff workload' to ensure zero burnout. Ever.

20An additional second week off in October (and the same well-deserved holidays the rest of the year).


Staff Testimonials

Kirsty Ennew
The most striking difference from other schools I have worked in, having joined HAGR in September, is the time we spend discussing development of our teaching practice to help our students. The CPD here is always thought-provoking and genuinely supports staff in striving for mastery in one’s subject area.

Kirsty Ennew

Senior LP English

Jennifer McMillan
I have never developed so quickly as a teacher as I have at this school. There are a myriad of opportunities to stretch, reflect and adapt yourself. The members of staff I’ve worked with have supported and encouraged this growth through their dedication to their own professional development and to the improvement of the school. Teaching and learning is at the heart of this school which provides the students with outstanding learning and the staff with outstanding professional development.

Jennifer McMillan

Senior LP Maths

Darren Pearce
Since joining in September 2013 I have realised that teaching and learning is an ever evolving process as opposed to a journey with a clearly defined summit. Working in a culture of high challenge with high rapport has led me to this realisation and means I am learning as much as the students I teach.

Darren Pearce

Head of Humanities

Ellie Forward
Harris Greenwich has been invaluable in terms of my professional development. My contributions were quickly acknowledged and opportunities were created for me to support in the development of teaching and learning throughout the Academy and across the Federation. This is definitely a place where clear values are underpinned by a culture of both trust and support. I have never worked in a centre so dedicated to the professional development of others.

Ellie Forward


Stephen Donovan
Working in HAGR has been the most rewarding step in my teaching career so far. Great students, fantastic staff and a clear sense of purpose. The school has helped me envision the kind of teacher I want to become, and offers me the support to get there.

Stephen Donovan

Lead Practitioner Designate, Humanities

Laura Fitzsimmons
I absolutely love working at Harris Academy Greenwich. Every day is different, yet I always laugh and smile. The pupils and teachers are incredible and both want to be challenged. The support system they have in place for new teachers and existing teachers is overwhelming. Harris academy has inspired me to become an outstanding teacher, and in turn, inspire the pupils around me.

Laura Fitzsimmons

PE teacher