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Deadline: Friday 5th July 2013 Contact: Miss R Redman


On Your Marks:

Select 3 products produced by your favourite brand.

Print them in could to be stuck into your sketchbook. 

On Your Marks Links:

Main Task:

Using the images you have collected compare their similarities and differences commenting on the following points.

Why is this brand your favourite?

What are their target markets?

Are there any differences in design? If yes, what are the differences?

What are they made from?

Which textile techniques have they used?

Which is more wearable?

a.        In day-to-day life

b.       For a special event

Justify your answer (…because…)

Write your answers in full sentences. Your main task must be at least 500 words. 

Main Task Links:

Push Yourself

Design a product to be sold alongside the products you have selected. Take inspiration from the 3 you have compared using the most successful elements of each. 

Additional Information:

This must be an in depth written and visual response.

It can be hand written or typed.

You will be expected to present your work during your lesson.