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Resistant Materials

Deadline: Friday 5th July 2013 Contact: Miss R Luthfa


You will have a short test during the first lesson of the week.

On Your Marks:

Read about sustainability. Make notes and revise this section.

You can either use the CPG textbooks many of you have bought or you can go onto the following web links:

On Your Marks Links:

Main Task:

Now you have revised sustainability. You will be given one of these past exam questions to do in your test during the lesson.

Answer all the questions to help you to prepare.

1.     Discuss the term ‘Sustainability’

Points to think about:

  • What does it mean?
  • Why do we need to consider it as designers?
  • Provide examples of sustainable products
  • 6 R’s

2.     Which of these is more sustainable: plastic bottle or a glass bottle?

Points to think about:

  • Energy for construction
  • Materials used
  • Maintenance
  • Disposal?
  • 6’Rs

3.     Think about a product that you have made. How did you or could you use the 6 R’s to develop this idea. Why is it important to use these?

Points to think about:

How would you use them from: research – design – development – manufacture – disposal?

Push Yourself:

In your initial ideas comment on whether the design is a sustainable design or not. Explain your thoughts.