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Deadline: Friday 7th June 2013 Contact: Mr Sofianos and Miss Ankah


The tasks below are designed to support the creation of your performance – they do not need to be handed in.

Main Task Links:

How would you perform your own horror performance?

Research – What are the 5 ws? What do they mean? Why should we use them in drama? What does convention mean? What are the conventions you would usually find in a horror performance?

Create a storyline for your performance – why is it suitable for a horror? How is it interesting for the audience? Why is your idea good?

Create a script for your play. Remember to include stage directions so your actors know how to say the lines and how they should be feeling.

Rehearse your play ready to perform in lesson.

Additional Information:

If you need help, please ask your teacher before the deadline.

You can book rehearsal spaces via the Performing Arts Office.