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Deadline: Friday 7th June 2013 Contact: Miss Turgut and Miss Boxer


You should spend approximately three hours preparing this project. 

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Main Task:

Get into a group of 3 or 4 with pupils from your class. You will create a samba-style performance together which will be performed in front of the class during assessment week. You must:

  • Include at least one rhythm for each person (create your own)
  • Use a different instrument for each person (e.g. body percussion, chairs, tables, spoons, pens etc)
  • A solo improvisation section for each person
  • Include a clear beginning and ending
  • Changing dynamics

Create an information pack about samba.  You might want to include information about:

  • Each instrument that is used
  • Where samba comes from
  • What happens in a samba school
  • Cultural traditions

Push Yourself

Create a score for your performance. Come and find Miss Boxer or Miss Turgut to ask about this if you are not sure what to do.