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Deadline: Friday 5th July 2013 Contact: Miss A Hobson


On Your Marks:

Week 1-2 – draw a bird using the rule of shapes.

Week 3-4 – use the full tonal scale to draw an object in your house.

Week 5-6 – draw an object using biro (consider texture).

Main Task:

Week 1-2 – Using the rule of shapes draw an animal, use the full tonal range to add depth and make them look 3D.

Week 3-4- Complete a detailed artist study page on an artist of your choice using the skills you have learnt in class. Include an analysis of their work and images.

Week 5-6 –evaluate your biro drawing using the skills you have learnt in class.

Main Task Links:

Use evaluation questions provided by your subject teacher.

Push Yourself:

Draw a portrait of a member of your family using the full tonal range – evaluate your image explaining how you could improve your work.