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Deadline: Friday 5th July 2013 Contact: Mr Rickwood


On Your Marks:

What is real time information?

Main Task:

Use the Internet to help you find out the following information:

1.      What time is the next train from London to Brighton? What station do I need to travel from?

2.      When is the next train to Dartford from Eltham Station?

3.      What tube line should I take to get from Holborn to Chancery Lane? How long until the next tube?

4.      What will the weather be like in Ireland on Wednesday?

5.      When is the next flight in from Madrid into London Heathrow?

6.      What are the latest breaking news headlines?

Push Yourself:

I need to travel from the School to Ealing Broadway, how do I get there? I will be leaving at 15:30 (3.30pm). Can you break down my journey step by step, including the times of any change overs (from bus to train, for example)?

Push Yourself Links: