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Business Studies

Deadline: Friday 7th June 2013 Contact: Mr Rickwood


On Your Marks:

A franchise is a marketing arrangement allowing another business to trade in the same style as an existing business.

a)      What is a franchisor?

b)      What is a franchisee?

c)       In terms of a franchise agreement, what is a royalty?

Main Task:

Choose a well-known franchise, of which you are the franchisor.

On PowerPoint, design an advert (using persuasive language) for a business magazine to attract new franchisees.

You must say what type of person you think it will suit, describe what responsibilities they will have and what support and help you can offer them.

Push Yourself:

How can I become a McDonald’s franchisee?

How much money would I initially have to invest?

Why would I choose to become a McDonald’s franchisee?

What do McDonald’s look for in a franchisee?

What process would I have to go through to become a McDonald’s franchisee?

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