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Year 8

IL Tasks


Week 1

Shakespeare research task

Slide one – Shakespeare

When was he alive?

Who is he?

What plays did he write?


Slide 2 – Queen Elizabeth and Elizabethan England

What did she look like?

How long was she queen for?

What was London like during this time?


Slide 3 – Theatre in Shakespeare’s time

What did it look like?

Who were the actors?

What were the audience like?


Week 2

Role of Women

  1. Research the role of women in Shakespeare’s time. What was life like for the average female, and what has changed over 400 years? Present your research in the form of 2 PP slides/poster.
  2. Imagine Juliet has been teleported into the 21st century. Write a letter from Juliet to the Nurse, describing her experience in the modern world.

Remember: you are focusing on the role of women so, you must consider what things Juliet will find strange and unfamiliar as a woman. Organise your letter into 4 paragraphs: Education, Work Home-life and Love.



Week 3

Imagine that you are either Romeo or Juliet and you’ve just met at the ball.  You are going to write a diary entry that details the events of the evening.  Remember: it was love at first sight and each had a different experience before meeting. Romeo was in love with Rosaline (but she didn’t love him back) and Juliet was asked if she would consider marrying Paris (which she didn’t really object to that much).


  • Set it out like a diary entry.
  • Use paragraphs


Week 4

Write down:

 5 questions that you would ask Mercutio

5 questions that you would ask Tybalt

5 questions that you would ask the Nurse OR Friar Lawrence

These will be used in class where you will have to write a response to each other’s questions.


Week 5

Write the conversation between Lord and Lady Capulet OR Lord and Lady Montague when they receive the news of their child’s death.

Things to consider:

-do they blame each other?

-are they angry as well as upset/distraught?

-do they realise that this could have been avoided?


Lady Capulet: ___________

Lord Capulet: ____________

Challenge: Add stage directions


Week 6

What would you change about the play?/ Think of an alternative ending. Write a letter to William Shakespeare convincing him that your changes would make the play better.