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Below are three homework tasks to be completed this half term.   Class teachers may set homework in addition to this or homework tasks instead of this.  This will be made clear in lessons.  All homework is to be completed in homework books.


Subject: History

Year Group 9

Deadline: Lesson of week beginning Monday  5th May

Homework task: Produce a report on the state of Britain in 1935.


Your report can either be in the style of a newspaper report written like a journalist or simply a log report on the different conditions and actions taken by the government at this time.


A successful homework task will…

  • Feature detailed information about living and working conditions in Britain at the time, thinking about the differences between the north and south of the country
  • Feature images from the time and interviews with people from the time, such as politicians or fictional people from the time



Deadline: Lesson of week beginning Monday  20th May

Homework task:


Produce your own propaganda poster celebrating Britain's victory in The Battle of Britain


A successful homework task will…

Be very well presented, feature some form of image relating to the Battle of Britain and either a catchy slogan or information on how successful Britain were in defeating the Nazi German airforce.