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Below are three homework tasks to be completed this half term.   Class teachers may set homework in addition to this or homework tasks instead of this.  This will be made clear in lessons.  All homework is to be completed in homework books.


Subject: Catering

Year Group 11

During this term will be looking at convenience products.




Homework task: Answer exam style questions.



The use of convenience foods is now well established in the UK.

A convenience food is where some of the preparation is already done for you - hence the word “convenient”.



  • What types of convenience foods are there? (2)




  • Why are convenience foods popular with caterers?(2)



  • Evaluate the use of convenience products when preparing food for a restaurant? (6)



A successful homework task for a 4 mark question will have two points that are justified.






Homework task: Revise the subject of presenting foods.


Presenting Food.




  • Explain the term garnish.(2)
  • Discuss the factors chefs should take in to consideration when presenting food. (4)
  • Discus ways in which chefs can make food look appetising when preparing and serving food to customers. (6)




A successful homework task will be answered in full sentences, with each point justified.








Homework task:



Portion control is the method used to limit the amount of food given to customers, to ensure all customers are given the same amount each time.


  • List three ways of ensuring accurate portion control.(3)



  • State three reasons why portion control is needed.(3)



  • List four factors should chefs consider when working out the selling price of a dish.(4)




A successful homework task will be answered in full sentences, with each point justified.