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Below are three homework tasks to be completed this half term.   Class teachers may set homework in addition to this or homework tasks instead of this.  This will be made clear in lessons.  All homework is to be completed in homework books.


Subject: Drama

Year Group 11

Deadline:  on-going


Homework task:


Learn your lines at home

Rehearse with your group on a weekly basis

Rehearse independently


The exam criteria is below:


Voice and movement:


Your vocal skills demonstrate an outstanding use of pace, pitch, pause and tone.

Your movement demonstrates an outstanding use of gesture, stillness, fluency and expression.


Roles and characterisation:


There is an outstanding demonstration of the creation of role/character showing complete commitment and imagination.




There is outstanding communication with other performers, audience members and the visiting examiner. The sense of rapport with all members of the ensemble is outstanding.


Content, style, form:


There is outstanding control over the appreciation of the chosen style and form.

There is an outstanding understanding of the content of the performance.