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Product Design

Deadline: Friday 5th July 2013 Contact: Miss J Aldrich


Complete ALL homework in the blue booklet provided.  This should be handed into Miss A on the above date.

See the traffic light system in S2 for details of non-hand in sanctions.

On Your Marks:

An integral part of your A2 coursework involves you setting the scene for the project.  Within this you must take into account the wants and the needs of you #r target audience at many levels.

Complete the information below and present it neatly and effectively on a Harris bordered sheet:

Who is your target user group?


Target Audience WANT

Target Audience NEED


What is the situation that you need to find a solution for?




What options does you consumer already have?

Current products?




What is your solution?








Shape and size?




















Special features?












Social Issues?













Main Task:

Create up to three FOCUS RESEARCH PAGES which will present all of the information needed to inform every aspect of your design as best you can.


Materials.  Using this information you might find a few examples of material which have suitable properties.  You would find out as much as you could about each material and present it with an image of the material itself and an image of it in use-similar product.

At the end of the section of research you would identify which one(s) are the most suitable and why this is. All research would be clearly related to your product.

Target Audience WANT

Target Audience NEED





Relatively lightweight


High quality finish

Waterproof - in case drinks are spilled on it.

Easily cleaned-as make-up will be applied on this unit.

Sustainability is a consideration for my target market although



Push Yourself:

Now that you have spent time really breaking down your problem (analysing it) you need to begin to apply this information to your design work.

Pick 3 initial design ideas that you feel could be developed to best meet the needs and the wants of your user.

Present each of your developed design ideas on one bordered sheet.

Using the information from your focus research task, annotate each design fully (using notes, research findings and mini-sketches where needed) to explain all aspects of your design ideas.