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Deadline: Friday 5th July 2013 Contact: Your Teacher


Please hand in to your teacher in the last lesson of this half term 

On Your Marks:

Prepare a short play about bullying or an example of bullying. This should be handed in as a script and other pupils may be asked to perform your script in class.
Main Task:
You are going to make a power point presentation explaining the negative impacts of Bullying. 

Research the impact of bullying on:

  • The victim
  • The bully
  • Types of bullying

What can be done to prevent bullying (including your school).

If you are aiming for a level 6 or 7, I would like to see some facts and statistics in your work.

Push Yourself:
‘Bullies should be helped not punished’ Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer with reference to both points of view.