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SAR is a remotely controlled vehicle designed to enter areas that are hazardous, to search for and locate casualties, and then relay that information back to the operator who can then inform the emergency services.

SAR is equipped with a wireless camera, a GPS system, a URF/ERF pair to communicate with the operator and a small survival package to be delivered to the casualty.

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Competitions and appearances

Winner Big Bang Near Me London 2014

Finalist National Big Bang Fair 2015



Project Pipeline


The development of SAR is listed by prototype, below:



A simple chassis with wheels driven by remote control and fitted with a wireless camera.



Experimental track system, new box chassis with improve load carrying.



Mk II box chassis fitted with extra wide wheels to improve stability, camera aperture and lights fitted with rubble protectors, rescue package developed.

This mark was a competitor at National Big Bang Finals.



 SAR requires funding to allow further development.


Further marks of Ziggy will have:

  • An aluminium plate Hull
  • Improved track system
  • Uprated R/C system
  • Improved motors and gear boxes
  • PICAXE/XBEE GPS system
  • Improved wireless camera
  • ERF/URF data transfer system

Estimated cost for these enhancements: