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Jam band auditions sounding amazing . List up tomorrow!


Thanks...hope you're well!!


Congratulations to former pupil Ibrahim Mohamed, accepted at Oxford University to study Maths.


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Huge well done to all Year 10 and 11 teams who took part in their Greenwich Netball Tournament at Eltham Hill today. A remarkable achievement and milestone for Netball in Greenwich with no less than 8 teams taking part


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We have a newly installed fully floodlit 3G Pitch available at . Get in touch to view the facility or booked in!


Congratulations to Mohammed Begi who has just been accepted at Oxford University to read History and Politics. Seriously proud of you.


We are very excited about our trip to tomorrow. Pupils will be writing short stories inspired by an exhibition of Charles II’s original artwork. We are grateful to for their support.


The on-site nursery is privately run by an outstanding provider and took a year to set up. Only started in Sept, for community as well as staff who get a reduced rate. Happy to discuss details - email the Principal through our website.


Agreed - we have a nursery on site... one of the best decisions we've made. Plus we give new fathers two weeks paternity instead of the usual one - supporting dads important too :)


Want to join a school with fantastic staff morale, great training and a healthy life/work balance? We're looking for an MFL teacher and a Science teacher for Sept.


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What a way to kick off the term with 2 music classes coming together for whole class band . Music making for the masses!


Merry Christmas everyone!


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This, my friends, is how you start a book....


Great fun on last day: songs, mince pies and some bubbles. Merry Christmas from x


Our newsletter this term:


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Amazing performance in achievement assembly from our year 9 composition to round off a fantastic term here at . Happy holidays everyone!


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And thanks to Ms Lewis and our sixth form volunteers for everything you have done for us this term. We 💙


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In case you need a moment of happy in your twitter feed


Year 11 read this thread. And everything from for that matter!


Year 11 HALF PAST EIGHT assembly tomorrow as normal. See you in the hall.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.


SAR is a remotely controlled vehicle designed to enter areas that are hazardous, to search for and locate casualties, and then relay that information back to the operator who can then inform the emergency services.

SAR is equipped with a wireless camera, a GPS system, a URF/ERF pair to communicate with the operator and a small survival package to be delivered to the casualty.

©DB7 Photography 4286


Competitions and appearances

Winner Big Bang Near Me London 2014

Finalist National Big Bang Fair 2015



Project Pipeline


The development of SAR is listed by prototype, below:



A simple chassis with wheels driven by remote control and fitted with a wireless camera.



Experimental track system, new box chassis with improve load carrying.



Mk II box chassis fitted with extra wide wheels to improve stability, camera aperture and lights fitted with rubble protectors, rescue package developed.

This mark was a competitor at National Big Bang Finals.



 SAR requires funding to allow further development.


Further marks of Ziggy will have:

  • An aluminium plate Hull
  • Improved track system
  • Uprated R/C system
  • Improved motors and gear boxes
  • PICAXE/XBEE GPS system
  • Improved wireless camera
  • ERF/URF data transfer system

Estimated cost for these enhancements: