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The title of this work is ‘The impact of a book’ and I think it’s rather wonderful


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NPQH taken outside. Activity based on Workload. Thought provoking.


Our pleasure!


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Thank you to the speakers from and who took part in a panel discussion to inform and inspire the students for


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Thank you!😑 for inviting us to do a seminar on Value's and money, we look forward to coming back! 😎


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Stephen Hawking: born on the same day Galileo died, died on the same day Einstein was born. Pi day. Associated with greatness from birth to death. His contribution to science, culture and the world can never be quantified (or quantum-fied, should I say). Thankyou for the stars 💫


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. It was a pleasure delivering an inspirational talk to year 13 students in conjunction with / /


Retention is so complex especially in London. Happy to chat and exchange ideas.


We have 25% PPA time with rarely cover. And no, we’re not subsidised by a sponsor! It is possible.


Would love to hear more... can you DM


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Suspect that all three keynotes at are going to focus on this important issue. Lots that heads in ALL settings can learn from what are up to!


Agreed. Myself and the Exec did that when we first took over. Half a day at least every support role. Gave huge insight and worth the time.


At staff briefing, thank with total honesty for behind the scenes effort like the premises team. Give them a round of applause even though they might not be there.


Thanks Andy. Would love to host you for a visit to swop ideas...


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Love this poster - all schools should have a version of this up for the boys. Via


We're working an infographic T&L policy. Meanwhile here's our approach on assessment and feedback. No marking madness!


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Alaaaaaddin! Having a great time on our awards theatre trip for some of our most outstanding contributors to Performing Arts in yr 10 and 11

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The VLF SID  (Very Low Frequency Sporadic Ionospheric Event Detector) radio telescope is designed to monitor X-ray flares emitted by the Sun. These

flares can cause significant problems in that they can disrupt satellites, aircraft and ground computers and even, in extreme cases, ground power grids.


The flares are detected by their influence on the ionosphere and the consequent increase in signal strength from remote low frequency stations. The x-ray flare on meeting the ionosphere in the atmosphere causes the atoms in the atmosphere to become charged, by removing electrons. This enables the ionosphere to reflect very low frequency radio signals (we monitor signals from naval submarine navigation stations) more effectively. The stations we monitor are from across the world.


The antenna is a 1/300 wave loop monitored by a computer running a spectrum analyser programme. We can recognise a SID as it shows as a 'shark's fin' trace on the computer.



Competitions and appearances

  • Winner Big Bang Near Me London Regional competition 2011
  • Finalist National Big Bang Finals ExEl London 2012


Project Pipeline

The VLF SID is fully functional and requires no further work at this time


Below are recordings of a solar flare captured be our VLF SID