Well done to our boys and girls who came back with both regional trophies for sports day.


Second day of blue skies and data collection on the beach at Whitstable Bay.


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Opportunity for girls to train whilst in full time education - 16-18 year olds




Amazing art exhibition right now


Year 10 loving life in Whitstable Bay on their GCSE Geography fieldtrip.


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Our Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 ‘Manager’s Player of the Year’ and St Thomas More. Well done ladies on all your hard work and dedication to Netball this season. Keep up the great work 👏🏼🏆


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Year 8 Tournament Champions 2018 🏆👏🏼🥇 Well done girls 🙌🏼😊


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New analysis by confirms the Harris Federation is among the top performing schools groups for the impact we have on the attainment of primary AND secondary pupils


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Well done to all schools who took part in our Year 9 tournament this afternoon in the glorious sunshine 😎 Thanks to for hosting a great tournament 😊 Congratulations to our winners 👏🏼🥇 with finishing runners-up 🥈 Well done girls


Glad you’re in our team! X


Art Exhibition on Thursday. Look fab!


Goodbye Year 11. You’ve genuinely been ace. Thank you for your commitment and your respect for your teachers. See you on results day. Hello Year 10. You’re up.


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Fantastic to hear that three sixth formers from enjoyed their time at - thank you


You might be interested in how we’ve been slashing workload here over the last two years. Morale so high and this is a big part of it:


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When three of your Media Studies students from get the opportunity to go and work at w/ and he posts this picture . Thank you for giving my students the opportunity Sir Enninful


Love that the exam hurly burly is over and we all had a pang of sadness that you were gone, but like Banquo’s ghost you’re BACK! Year 10, once more unto the breach! (Yes wrong play ;) Welcome back


We've never found any weapons or drugs during our random searches - the fact that we actually conduct these searches helps to keep it this way.


From this week we are doubling the number of random searches of students’ bags, jackets and lockers. It’s crucial we keep up an active and visible deterrent so students don’t make daft decisions and bring in something which would endanger our community.


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So proud of my Y10s doing their first GCSE writing SAM. Passionate about travel, culture and languages

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Music is taught on a carousel in Year 7/8 with students studying Music for half of the school year. It is available as an options subject in Year 9. We also teach it at GCSE.


Our Key Stage 3 schemes of work introduce students to a variety of musical styles and instruments.

  • Year 7- students begin to learn skills needed to play musical instruments as well as learning about performance techniques and apply them to an exploration of the following topics: African Drumming, Stomp, and Sing Up.
  • Year 8- students enhance their existing skills and learn new styles of music, including: Samba, Key board, Guitar, Band Work, and Orchestra.
  • Year 9- Students will have Music twice a week for the whole year. One lesson will focus on practical music and the other will take place in our Mac suite where students will be introduced to Music Technology. Over this year, students will explore a variety of schemes whilst developing existing musical abilities, including: Pop Song Writing, Jazz, Descriptive Music, Solo Performance and Pop Conventions through Time.


At KS4, we follow the OCR GCSE specification. This course consists of 3 components:

  • Component 1- Students will perform a piece using their chosen instrument. They will also create a composition to a brief.
  • Component 2- Students perform an ensemble performance. Students also create a composition set by the exam board.
  • Component 3- A written paper including listening and appraising, and aural recognition and context of unheard/unfamiliar music from various cultures, including: Rhythms of the World, Concerto through Time and Film Music.


Please click on the link to read a detailed overview of the course-


Music Long Term PLan 2017-2019 20th Sep 2017 Download
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