Ah shucks, Ms Quick...not so bad yourself! ;)


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"Oxymoron," the ultimate oxymoron.


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Physics is fun 🙂


Year 13 geography field trip. Looks awesome! Great commitment from staff as always - thank you.




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GCSE music students attending this year’s launch of our music buddy system


Celebrating our brilliant 6th form tonight!


...Year 11 working hard until the end in their Study Session. ⁦⁩ just as on it as private schools...


Year 11 thinking about their futures at the progression fair at the O2...


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One thing that I’ve learnt as I’ve got older is that literature lights up love and makes it smoulder for beauty is in the eye of the book holder.


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The first three days back at school have filled me with pride, joy, warmth, and excitement. I'm lucky to work in a school that genuinely cares about staff and students, listens, and acts in our best interests


All students, we’ll see you tomorrow morning. Welcome back!


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We can have it all! share how the school improved both pupil outcomes and teacher workload.


Year 7 and Year 11: looking forward o seeing you tomorrow! Let’s have an awesome year.


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Brilliant! Massive congratulations to the students and all the amazing staff! Steve D.


Results summary this summer: at A Level, students smashed it. At GCSE, students smashed it. Best exam season ever. How? Students were brilliantly taught and not just in Year 11. Team effort and we are proud of everyone from the premises team to the Governors. Inspiring stuff!!


Good luck today Y11. See you at 10am.


Year 11 (about to be year 12!): pick up your results at 10am tomorrow. Good luck.


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Beautiful, evocative and moving: This is the earliest known original colour film of London, taken in 1924 - only 5 years after Armistice.


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I started the day by celebrating the amazing achievements of on - a pupil who arrived in the UK in 2010 from Afghanistan, with no English. Today he secured a place at to read History. What a result!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office













Independent Learning Assignment draft

Independent Learning after school sessions will start week beginning 17th September 2012.

Independent Learning has been set up in order to support your child’s progress both at school and during their studies at home. Parents, students and staff were all involved in the development of the policy, and we hope that with your support, it will continue to have a successful impact on your child’s academic progress. Independent Learning has become a very positive aspect for the students at the Academy. A summary of the main points of the policy is outlined below:

  • Independent Learning is academically based and will prepare all students for their half-termly assessments.
  • All Independent Learning written work is to be completed in your child’s exercise book unless stipulated otherwise, which must then be brought in to school for class discussion, assessment or class/peer/teacher marking.
  • All Independent Learning for every subject will be posted on the website every two weeks, with a two week deadline for completion.
  • For Year 7 and 8 students, the recommended total is 6 to 8 hours Independent Learning per week. For students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 this amount is 8 to 10 hours per week.
  • Every half term your son/daughter will be awarded a level or grade for every subject. The more Independent Learning completed, the better the progress towards their target grade or level is expected. Details of your child’s levels and grades will be posted home to all parents every term.

The following measures have been put in place to assist all students with their Independent Learning and to develop their Independent Learning skills. Please encourage your son/daughter to attend the sessions after school:

  • Independent Learning lessons will take place from 3.00-4.00pm on Mondays, Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays; 3.00-5.00pm on Fridays. Please refer to the Academy Club Timetable.
  • Independent Learning will commence the week beginning Monday 17th September 2012.
  • The uniform and behaviour policy will have to be adhered to during Independent Learning lessons.
  • A teacher or a member of support staff will be supervising the lesson. They will be able to help students with their Independent Learning but will not be teaching a new lesson.
  • Attendance is optional, although students will be expected to attend if they are not achieving their target levels or grades. The learning completed will count towards the recommended six to eight hours Independent Learning per week.
  • Students are also encouraged to engage with their learning by researching further areas of interest, or studying areas of difficulty. All students are advised to read a variety of genres as often as possible in their own time - at an appropriate level of difficulty.

Independent Learning is only useful if both the school and parents monitor the quality of the work completed.

I would be happy to discuss any aspect of Independent Learning during the parents’ forums, details of which you will find in ‘dates for your diary’ in the parents’ section of the website. Alternatively please contact Mr John Dixon Vice Principal.

Yours faithfully,

Dr C Tomlinson

Executive Headteacher